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This facility was designed and constructed carefully over several years by Jonathon and his father Craig Cunningham, incorporating such features as:

There are two interior walls separated by a 4 inch airspace, making up a 13″ insulated wall. The inner wall is carefully constructed so there is never a place where it touches the adjacent wall. Anytime support pieces are used, they are shielded with a thick, sound rated rubber treatment to keep any transmission of noise from occurring. Each wall is insulated with very dense fiberglass insulation, then 1  layer of 1/2” QuietBrace sound-deadening structural sheathing topped by another layer of 5/8″ gypsum board are placed together with an acoustical sealant applied in necessary areas. These well designed 13″ walls, will keep your sound in and other sound out.

A climate controlled A/C was designed with extra isolation as well as internal acoustic baffles. These precautions, allow the correct environment to be available, while keeping the noise floor controlled for optimum recordings.