The Texas Panhandle’s Premier Instrumentals

Get the highest quality instrumentals around – Every one of our songs is tracked at 88.2khz/24 bit – thats DOUBLE CD quality and that translates to a difference you can hear…listen for yourself!

Artists who choose Diamond Hard Productions:

C.J. Pacheco – Rap/R&B

Lasheerah – Pop

G.I.P. – Hip Hop

Dreama Kid – Rap/Hip Hop

Nick Hawk – Rap/Hip Hop

TDSK – Rap

Thomas Kennedy – Rap

Patrick Brenes – Pop

Bravado Ent. – Rap/Hip Hop

Seasick Lullabies – Post Hardcore

Jaci Owen – Pop/Country

In Ten Cities – Metal/Hardcore

Soren Bryce Martin – Indie

Philip Minani – African Gospel

Michael Chan – Sudanese Folk


 Production Rates:

Basic Lease: $20

1500 sales + Distribution by 1 Medium
(Choose 1: iTunes, Amazon, Physical Copies)

Pro Lease: $50

3000 Sales + Distribution by 2 Mediums
(Choose 2: iTunes, Amazon, Physical Copies)

Exclusive: $150

Unlimited Sales + Unlimited Distribution
(You Own All Rights To The Song)

Platinum Exclusive:  $300

Sit down with our professional producers while they work with you to create a completely customized beat to ensure you get exactly what you want, detailed to the highest of standards.
(Includes Exclusive Rights)

Diamond Hard Suite: $600

Our Platinum Exclusive Package + 4 hours of studio time to track your song + complete mixdowns
(ready for mastering or release)


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