Media Services


CD Duplication/Replication

If you need CD or DVD copies we can help, and with prices that compete with anyone in the country! Whether you need 1000 replicated retail-ready discs or a quick turnaround on 500 demos we can meet your deadline. Call us today for a quote!

What is the difference between replication and duplication?
Disk duplication refers to the process of taking an existing blank CD-R or DVD-R disc and burning information onto that disk much the same way you copy CDs on your computer.  We use state of the art dedicated duplicating towers to manage the duplication process. These machines do a cursory evaluation of the disk to check for read and write errors and then make an exact duplicate of the disk you send us. This is the best option if you have small quantities (up to 5,000 pcs) or need quicker turn around time to meet a deadline. Typical production time for duplication is 2-7 days. We can produce your project in 24 hours if needed. Disk replication refers to the manufacturing process that starts with raw material to manufacture your disks from scratch. We evaluate your original disk for read and write errors and then make a glass master of your disk. This glass master is then used to creating a stamper . The stamper is mounted on the machine that uses heat and pressure to mold your disks one at a time. This is the highest quality of disk manufacturing. It takes as little as 1/2 of one second to mold one CD on this kind of equipment. The cost of creating both the glass master and stamper are already included in the quote shown in our instant pricing panel. This is the best option if you want larger quantities (300 pcs or more) and you have time (an average of 10 business days) to produce your project.

Audio Transfers

LPs (vinyl records) and cassette tapes were a popular sound recording medium for their time, as well as collectors items. Records are frequently noted for their unique sound, and now you can forever preserve your collections onto high quality archival audio CDs, or ask about converting your recordings to mp3 files for even more ease and portability.

Items we can transfer:


LP / Vinyl Record to CD

33 1⁄3 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM


Audio Cassette to CD

Audio Cassette/Microcassette



Audio Restoration

We also perform post-recording audio restoration on the media you have transferred. Among them are noise, click, pop and scratch reduction/removal, normalization, equalization, and track splicing (creating one good copy from two bad ones).

Your records and cassettes will be cleaned prior to transfer so that they will sound as good as possible. We use a super high-quality record and cassette player to ensure the best quality transfer. All audio is recorded onto the highest grade CDs.